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Electronic Filing for Personal Tax Filers

Returned Refund Fee

Beginning January 1, 2015, rejected direct deposit refund transactions with incorrect bank information, will be subject to a $15.00 returned electronic service charge. This would include refunds to closed accounts, refunds to accounts containing inaccurate or illegible account information.


Modernized Electronic Filing (MEF) Handbook

Electronic Filing

West Virginia has been a part of the Joint Federal/State Electronic Filing Program since 1993 and has seen the program popularity increase each year.

Last year, nearly more than 73 percent of West Virginia taxpayers used e-file for their IT140 Resident, NR/PY, Amended and IT140NRS tax returns. It's fast, it's accurate and it's the preferred method for tax filing.

Refunds come twice as quickly, and if you use Direct Deposit, it’s even faster.

Balance Due filers can also transmit worry-free tax returns, and the deadline for balance of tax due is April 15, 2014.

You can file your federal and state return at the same time or use the State Only option, which permits you to file your federal and state tax returns at different times.

You May Be Required to File and Pay Electronically

New for Tax Year 2013

Beginning this year, the IT-141, West Virginia Fiduciary Income Tax Return, may be filed electronically.

You can file current-year amended tax returns electronically, if the software you choose supports this function.

Preparers are no longer required to provide the West Virginia State Tax Department with a copy of an IRS acceptance letter and 8633 to participate in the state e-file program. Acceptance with the IRS is automatic acceptance with West Virginia. No further action is required.

Mandate! Income tax preparers who filed more than 25 personal income tax returns last year – and will be using tax preparation software to complete one or more of these returns – must file those electronically for the current tax year.

A Mandate Opt Out Form is available for taxpayers who choose not to have their income tax returns e-filed. This form must be signed and retained for your records.

State Only Returns

This option is available if you need to file your West Virginia tax return separately from the federal return. This could be due to a transmission error where the federal return was sent and the state return was not.

Perhaps you are a resident of one of the states bordering West Virginia and need to file an IT-140NRS Special Non-resident Income Tax Return . Or, you may be a non- or part-year-resident needing to file the IT-140 Schedule A Schedule of Income for Non- or Part-Year-Residents.

Regardless, this option has all of the features and benefits as the Joint Filing program and is available through a tax professional.

State-only filing, like all forms of on-line filing, is available only for current-year filers.

You'll need Adobe Reader to view and save a Flat (Standard) PDF document, or to save and complete a Fillable PDF document. The Fillable PDF form calculations will NOT be accurate if you do not use Adobe Reader to open, edit, and save the form. You may need to configure the Chrome , Firefox , and Opera web browsers to use Adobe Reader.

Get Adobe Reader.

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