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Credit Card Payments

Notice – Effective July 1, 2014 there will be a $15.00 fee for all returned electronic payments, including payments made by credit card.

Convenience, Flexibility, and Rewards.

Enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and rewards of credit card payments for taxes. Effective June 25, 2012, in cooperation with the West Virginia State Treasurer's Office, the Tax Department offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to pay taxes by credit card directly over the Internet.

The West Virginia State Treasure's Office charges a convenience fee based upon the amount of the transaction. The convenience fee is currently 2.5% of the payment amount, with a minimum charge of $1.00. *The convenience fee is subject to change.

Please note that the tax amount and convenience fee will appear on your credit card statement as two separate charges.

To pay by credit card:

To pay by credit card, select the Pay Taxes by Credit Card link, or visit

You will be asked to select and enter information, such as:

  • Identification type and number.
  • Tax type.
  • Payment type and amount.
  • Filing period.
  • Credit card information.

The system will:

  • Tell you the total of your payment, including the appropriate fee.
  • Obtain approval of the charge.
  • Provide a printable receipt, including a Confirmation Number.
  • Email the payment receipt to the address provided.

You'll need Adobe Reader to view and save a Flat (Standard) PDF document, or to save and complete a Fillable PDF document.

The Fillable PDF form calculations will NOT be accurate if you do not use Adobe Reader to open, edit, and save the form.

You may need to configure the Chrome , Firefox , and Opera web browsers to use Adobe Reader.

Get Adobe Reader.

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