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Motor Fuel Information and Forms

Electronic Filing

Motor Fuel Rates:


MFT-APP Motor Fuel Excise Tax License Application

MFR-14 Tax Refund Application:

WV/MFR-14 Receipt Summary Schedule Record of West Virginia Tax Paid Motor Fuel Purchases:

WV/MFR-14 Schedules:

MFT-501 Distributor Report:

MFT-501 Distributor Schedules:

MFT-503 Terminal Operator's Schedules:

WV/MFT-504 Supplier / Permissive Supplier Report:

MFT-504 Supplier / Permissive Supplier Schedules:

  • MFT504A Schedule 1 Tax Paid Receipts

MFT-504 Supplier / Permissive Supplier Worksheet A: Taxable Invoiced Gallons

MFT-505 Blender Report:

MFT-506 Backup Tax Report:

MFT-507 Transporter Report:

MFT-507 Transporter Schedules:

  • MFT507A Schedule 1 Deliveries Loaded in West Virginia and Delivered to Another State
  • MFT507B Schedule 2 Deliveries Loaded in Another State and Delivered in West Virginia
  • MFT507C Schedule 3 Deliveries Loaded in West Virginia and Delivered in West Virginia

MFT-508 Importer Report:

MFT-508 Importer Schedules:

  • MFT508A Schedule 1A Tax-Paid Receipts
  • MFT508B Schedule 2 Tax Unpaid Receipts
  • MFT508C Schedule 5X On-Highway Exempt Motor Fuel Disbursements
  • MFT508D Schedule 11 Diversions into West Virginia
  • MFT508E Schedule 11A Diversions from West Virginia to Another State

MFT-510 Excise Tax Bonds:

MFT-511 Exporter Report:

MFT-511 Exporter Schedules:

  • MFT511A Schedule 7A Exported Sales Destination State Tax Collected
  • MFT511B Schedule 7B Exported Sales West Virginia Tax Paid
  • MFT511C Schedule 11 Diversions Into West Virginia
  • MFT511D Schedule 11A Diversions From West Virginia to Another State

MFT-514 Producer Report:

MFT-USE Motor Carrier Annual Reports:

MFT-USE Motor Carrier Quarterly Reports:

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