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West Virginia
State Tax Department
State Tax Department

Soft Drink Tax Forms

SDR2008 Requisition for Soft Drink Tax Stamps Instructions

SDR2015 Soft Drink Monthly Report Instructions

SDR20151 Receipts of Tax Not Paid: Soft Drinks from Outside WV (Imports)

SDR20152 Invoice Payment Schedule for Tax Paid: Soft Drink Products Sold to WV Accounts

SDR20153 Tax Paid Shipments to Other Than WV Accounts (Exports)

SDR2015A Schedule A - Syrups and Prepared Soft Drinks for Retailers and Wholesalers Instructions

SDR2015B Schedule B - Powders Instructions

SDR2015C Schedule C - Prepared Soft Drinks for Bottlers and Canners Instructions

SDR2015SUP Additional Accountability of Prepaid Taxable Crowns, Caps, Containers or Stamps Instructions

SDR2017 Soft Drink Tax Indicia Manufacturers Monthly Report Instructions

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